King rottenfish is a mature 13 year old. His job is to educate people,sometimes , he's the leader of Fags N Gofags and proud member of another group called the Turbo Neo Nazis. The person he currently educates is called "Marc-Oliver", Marc-Oliver is a very autistic gofag who doesnt take opinions over Furbys, Goanimate and Angry Birds, he thinks he's good and Rottenfish is evil when it's the complete opposite. He's kinda active all the time.

Groups: Fags N Gofags, QuakeFreaks, QuakeFreaks


Likes: Newgrounds, Sploder, Hell (not really), Space, Birds (example: Cockatoos, Parrots, Zebra finches, etc.), Flipnote studios, Pokemon.

Dislikes: FNAF fags, Furfags, Gofags, Autistic people (example: UTTPs), Bronies, NotArbi (Cob4lt's cosuin) (A bit), Goanimate, Puppet Pals, Normies, Dead Unfunny Memes