Marc Oliver Lessage, also known as: SuperCoolKidYesRottenfishNo or OP247GETSGRDANDUNGRD, is an VGCP fucker, HUGE furby and splatoon fan, and loves Super Cool Kid as well. He doesnt take opinions over Splatoon, Goanimate, Angry Birds and furbys and calls every one a REALLY EVIL BAD USER (Good and bad users don't exist - WhoTheHeckIsTimothy 2016) just beacuse people hate him. He pisses the shit out of Rottenfish and plays the role of a victim when he's not. He also has a fart fetish. He caused the flamewar just beacuse rottenfish commented on one of Marcos videos like this:

Rottenfish: No i dont think this is angry bird

Marco: REPORTED!!!

Also he pissed off everyone by spamming a anti-goanimate community

Marco, as a program to make videos, he uses Puppet Pals which sucks so hard. Puppet Pals is a program of using photos as characters, to make them move, you'll have to touch and move them in another place, or whatever.

He also pisses off OmegaMario89, for no F U C K I N G reason. OmegaMario is a guy who makes GMOD Splatoon videos and hes very popular, both with Inspector Heavy which is bullied by Marco.

This kid ain't know anything about opinions and in some of his vlogs, he speaks lemur shit like in this video:

He was fat before but now he lost some calories and he was thin but he got fat again

Poor him. He needs Rottenfish's UFC Gym Kickboxing Class