The Turbo Neo Nazis is another group that is Neutral-Allied to the Quakefreaks. The group is filled with Rottenfish's Real life friends. unlike QuakeFreaks the TNN elect their leader but they rely on Rottenfish to pick the next leader. another difference with the quakefreaks they are actually kinda political with their goals is a Better world without any delinquents or normies.


King Rottenfish (The Unoffical Leader) (Brains and Brawn)

Betrrr (Tainted) (Brains)

Tyrannozilla (Brains and a little Brawn)

pedo_pikachu (Brains)

Joshua Romero (Fat)

some guy named Mauricio (Brawn) (Bodyguard)

a girl with the initials of D.A. (Brains)

Trolzor "Barry" (Brains)

Fudgeboy (Brains and Brawn)