Woody BFDI was the most autistic FNAF fag in the world but he is not now. He has over 200 followers in Google+. In the past, a lot of people hated him because he was immature and mean.  But now he is nice and Timothy is his friend again. He is part of the new quakefreaks.

All immature things he did:

  • He betrayed his friends even if they did just one little mistake.
  • He didn't respect opinions on FNAF
  • He re-invited people who leave his hangouts
  • He tried to raid the wiki about the flamewar
  • He betrayed Kitty the cool cat
  • He made a hate collection out of wolflover just to make WhoTheHeck IsTimothy his friend since he hates FNAF

He don't do those immature things anymore because he is nice now